Pilates relies on the integration of mind and body with each exercise being carefully synced with your inhale and exhale.

Reformer Pilates is a flow of movements using a reformer bed and your own bodies powerhouse (your core), gluten and lower back to name a few to improve physical strength, develop flexibility, tone, lengthen improve posture and enhance mental awareness.

The reformer bed requires you to work against resistance the can be adjusted using the 5 springs. Training with resistance helps to build strength and although reformer pilates does not look like it is burning a large amount of calories or breaking a big sweat, the proof of consistent practise is in your leaner toned muscles.




At The Elysian Co we teach a contemporary style of reformer pilates all about control of the body and developing core strength through dynamic movements which help to tone and lengthen the body while assisting injuries and postural imbalances. Our instructors are highly trained encouraging fitness and flexibility



If you have injuries or it is your first ever class please attend a beginners class.